Should I Be Afraid Of Death?

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The Philosophical Question at issue: Should I be afraid of death? Authors Thesis: During his passage, Epicurus tells us we have nothing to look forward to at death because when we die, there is nothing more. Authors Argument: Epicurus says that people need to start believing that death is nothing. He believes that death is the “privation of all awareness” (Epicurus, pg 103), the complete opposite of the meaning of good and evil, which is having awareness. Epicurus tells us that we must focus on the things that make us happy. In order to know we have lived a happy life we need to end our life with health and tranquility. If people were to figure out that death is nothing, life would be more enjoyable. Instead people are afraid to live their lives because they are afraid of dying. “When we are, death is not come, and, when death is come, we are not” (Epicurus, pg 104). He believes that a person who fears death is nothing but foolish; because death isn’t scary or painful, but what is, is living with the anticipation of it. Epicurus believes that the wise, is the person who does not fear death, but instead this person knows that life is not something to be feared but something that should be lived to the fullest. When we are given the option to choose between something that is to the eyes more pleasant rather than something that seems to be longer or more; we tend to choose the most pleasant looking one. He believes that the worst type of person is the type that says that he

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