Should Kids Have Summer Break Essay

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Tysen Pelate Mrs.Misselhorn 7th hour language arts 24 March 2017 Should kids have summer Break Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to school year round? Some kids in our country have to. Some of the reasons we should have summer is it will relieve the stress off kids, and teachers, it is relaxing just to kick back and chill and not leave your house for weeks just playing games. If you don’t have the summer, you can’t have extracurricular activities like church camps or go camping. The first reason why kids should have summer break is because it is a relaxing According to Brittany Chu, relaxing in the summer helps kids recharge and get ready for the fall upcoming. The most important thing is that kids get to relax from the stress filled school year. Most kids at the end of the school year are jumping out of there seat, but kids with no summer don’t get that felling. Some kids have to get jobs in the summer and if they don’t have summer they don’t get to they might have to pay for tuition (Chu). As a student for me I use the summer brake to just get my energy back kick back and relax sleep in I would just miss that. In addition, Chu says Most kids just want to sit back on their couch and be a potato but going to school in the summer doesn’t let…show more content…
Most kids get the summer and lose half of what they learned, kids that go to year round schools are more intelligent. When kids get back to school they spend up to three weeks going over stuff they learned from last year. Some kids get lazier over the summer because they don’t go outside they are playing games. In studies they gave kids a test who just came back from school bombed a test they took, but kids who went to school year round did very well on it. Kids can still go to camps, churches, and go camping with their family because they have the three weeks in-between the

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