Should Kids Now A Days Be Forced? Using Technology For All Of Their Assigned Work?

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Technology In School Currently, schools are switching to technology for all of their assigned work, rather than using paper and pen. As a student attending Fountain Lake Charter School Mark Burfeind experiences this everyday. Mark says, Fountain Lake Charter School are giving Chromebooks to the high school and middle school students, and you have no choice to deny the computer. Students are given the Chromebook so they can do homework and there should be no excuse for not having your homework done. Through the Chromebook you are to turn in all work. For the younger students, such as elementary students, they are given in class iPads and with these they can do learning drills and play learning games. Schools everywhere are dropping paper and switching to technology. Should kids now a days be forced to use technology? Yes, because with technology you are provided with effective ways of learning, it prepares you for college, and the real world. First of all, technology provides you with effective ways of learning during school. A variety of people learn better by just sitting in class listening to a lecture or simply watching a PowerPoint. But then on the other hand, some people learn better visualizing what they are learning. With technology, you would be provided with this opportunity to get visual views of what you are learning. You could find a video over the topic you are discussing in class, maybe look at some pictures or animations, and perhaps you can even look for an

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