Should Law Be Legal?

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Law enforcers have always been seen as that in higher authority. They are seen as those who conduct and protect; as those who dominate and keep peace and maintain order. This has always been a nostalgic viewpoint on those who enforce; however, many in the Americas, or rather, around the world, have been subject to provoking thoughts that essentially bash the hierarchy – thoughts that consume the people and its select few or even its vast majority: the satisfied idea that law enforcers of our world can be extremely misleading and corrupted.
In today’s present atmosphere, a number of the gossip is focused around the discipline and decision making of our police officers and or constables. Many claim for them to not be deemed professional, and ironically, a proportion of the citizens within the United States fear the police not because they are here to enforce, but because they feel that they are here to “initiate” the problems accounted. Essentially and simply put, there are innocent people out there who are afraid of our officers and their power. The definition of a police officer, taken from the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “to control and keep order in (an area) by the use of police or military forces”; “to control (something) by making sure that rules and regulations are being followed”. This is the idealistic viewpoint that Americans wish to instill on all officers in duty; however, there have been times where an officer uses his or her power wrongfully and unexpectedly.…

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