Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The most common used drug is cannabis, mostly known as marijuana. Manijuana has been around for many years. Mostly all high school students have tried marijuana, some like it and get addicted as for others they might try it and not like it at all. In today’s society some kids have even tried it as early as middle school. Marijuana is a drug that’s been around for many years, and it is still very common. Some people use it for pleasure others use it for health reasons. I actually know many people that use marijuana in a daily basis. They cannot go a day without it; they have to smoke it every day. One of the people I know is actually part of my family. He got involved with marijuana as early as fifteen, right when he started high school. He got so involved with marijuana that he started steeling from his own family. Since he was so young and he did not have a job. No job, which means no money but that did not stop him from doing anything. His solution was stealing from his own family. He started steeling jewelry and selling it for money so he would be able to buy more drugs.
When things started getting out of hand the family got together and tried to help him get off drugs and hopefully make him realize that drugs are not worth you stealing from your family. However that only worked for a little while, in no time he was back on it again. In some situations marijuana does not affect the person and the way the person lives. However, that is not his case. Marijuana actually

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