Should Marijuana Be Used For Recreational And Medical Use

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Early civilizations have always harnessed the power of nature to benefit the general well-being of society. Drugs vary on their origin weather from the jungles of the amazon to the wastelands of the Nevada dessert. There has always been an issue with people taking this gift of nature and corrupting it into a selfish gain of temporary happiness. Drug abuse has always been an issue in the United States, however, some people say fight the fight while others say give in. In recent decades “cannabis” or marijuana legalization has been a recent topic of interest in the U.S. government and the minds of the common people. Marijuana and its first implementation into society have gone far back even before the times of Christ. It was first used for …show more content…

The problem with the DARE program is that in most cases show that students who are shown the different varieties of drugs, might even be influenced to experiment with drugs even more. The DARE program should not be focused on just fifth graders, but also students who are older in high school and are exposed to more drugs. Marijuana is seen as a gateway drug, and the statistic can be proven with the increase in heroin overdoses. One issue is the rate of overdoses in the United States; many people are not given proper care to recover from their addiction. The statistic is that opioid-related deaths in 2015 reached the max of 33,091 ( Opioids are prescribed drug that allows pain relief yet most individuals would say they became addicted to them after a serious surgery. In a past 30-year study, high school students rate for using marijuana have always been high. Yet, marijuana and other drug use of opioids have drastically gone down by 5% in recent years (winterbourne). This statistic is shown that a better-informed public on drug education can decrease the amount of drug abuse, primarily by the monitoring of the Food and Drug administration. There is always a way to help recovering drug addicts. One person cannot deal with their addiction alone, they need a community to help them recover. In recent

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