Should Parents Pay For Your Baby 's Needs?

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For every couple who is starting a family, there are those looming questions-- “How am I going to care for my baby’s needs?” “How am I going to pay for the expenses, while still spending time with my child?”. In the United States, those questions are left to be answered by the couples with few solutions offered by their employers or by the government. Many other nations offer paid parental leave for new parents, so that they can adapt to their new role as parents and spend time with their child, while not entirely sacrificing their wages. The United States is one of four nations that offer no paid parental leave for new parents—backing the parents into a scary corner.
Paid parental leave is a way to yank the parents out of the corner and …show more content…

Most countries offer at least three months of paid maternity leave for mothers, and many also give fathers benefits as well (Hall). It is important to note that, in most countries, the leave also applies to any couple that is adopting a child, with the amount of leave given depending on the age of the child. Each country goes about leave a different way. It is important to find out what legislation is best for the country and apply it. The United States has the luxury of being late to the party, and therefore, they can analyze the different programs to find what fits best for the American people. Two programs that I’m going analyze are the U.K’s and Brazil’s.
In the U.K., there is a variety of different leave options, both unpaid and paid, that a parent or guardian can utilize. They have a 18 week unpaid parental leave per child, which they can use if their child is under the age of 5 or under the age of 18, if they are disabled. Mothers are generally given 52 weeks of maternity leave with 39 weeks of statutory maternity pay. Statutory maternity pay means that the mother will be paid 90% of her salary for the first 6 weeks, then she is given $205 dollars a week or 90% of her salary (whichever is lowest) for the remaining weeks (Parental leave laws in the U.S. and abroad).
The U.K. offers a lot of flexibility so that parents can pick the best option for their situation. Another option in the U.K. is

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