Should Racial Slurs Be Banned From Society?

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Should Racial Slurs be Banned from Society?
Racial slurs have grown within American history as our society has developed into one of the greatest superpowers of the world. As a nation, America has fought several internal and external wars to advance into a free country and attain the rights it now holds. These rights, or moral principles, were established to protect the residents inhabiting each state. Countless rules of regulation against racism have been enforced by Congress beginning from the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to the Fourteenth Amendment but none touching the verbal digression faced on the basis of race, ethnicity, and nationality by millions of people. Racial slurs have gradually become a norm in society and within the English language that has lead to segregation of towns and cities, countless threats of violence due to the disrespect of cultures, and the continuation of discrimination that builds further generation to generation. If the slurs of today were forbidden by society through the firm administration America already upholds, civility and progress could grow stronger in the country traditionally referred to as an enormous melting pot of cultures.
The diversity of America is known as a melting pot formed by people across the world that immigrated for their own new beginning. Through this merge, cultures exchanged and an influx of diversity developed, but Ernest Caraventes, the author of From Melting Pot to Witch’s Cauldron, asks, “Whose culture is it

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