Should The United States Increase Foreign Aid?

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Should the United States increase foreign aid? This is a topic that has come up many

times in the past years. When it comes to politics and the people themselves, this is a very

important debate. This goes much deeper than just losing money or helping a fellow country in

need. People are in need to better their country and themselves. We are all here together and

aiding in one 's growth can change lives all around. There are many reasons why the United

States should increase foreign aid and why it is important to help the global cause.

Wealth Makes Health

Sometimes there is a higher power than just how far our dollar bill actually goes. The

health of our fellow people should be a priority for every human being on this planet. Many

countries just do not have the funds to protect themselves from everyday problems. In many third

world countries health concerns can include, starvation, dehydration, and disease. Contaminated

water diseases alone account for more than three million deaths each year. We help Africa by

helping prevent epidemics such as AIDs and malaria. It is immoral to think that we could even

stand back from these situations and let them play out.

Food and water aid is single handedly one of the most important aids given to other

countries. These foreign aids will in turn help a people rise to establish a better understanding of

what is needed to protect themselves. By creating a sense of establishment will help families

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