Should There Be Legal Age For Drinking Alcohol? Essay

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Should there be legal age for drinking alcohol? there is always a question that why alcohol is not banned .alcohol have destroyed many lives and it is still destroying .youngsters find it cool to drink alcohol so they get easily get attracted to it .when a person drinks alcohol he loses his control on himself .if a person is alcoholic the chances a person can commit crime increases. Alcohol should be ban because it is destroying our youngsters, health and psychological. Alcohol is the worst a person can be addict to. One reason we should ban alcohol because it is destroying our youngsters which are the future of our nation. Alcohol is taking the blooming flowers of our nations to the black hole of the no and destroyed life. This is the biggest concern of the government and many people how to make our youngsters away from the alcohol. “Six per cent (n = 38) of girls and 5.5% (n = 33) of boys reported hazardous levels of alcohol consumption in a typical week (21+ units in a typical week for girls; 28+ units in a typical week for boys). Hazardous consumption was most closely associated with older children, and norms ( Table 2). Norms was the strongest predictor of hazardous drinking: Children who reported drinking much more than other pupils their age and gender were more than 50 times more likely to engage in hazardous drinking than those who reported drinking less than other pupils their age and gender.”( Armitage, C. J. (2013). Research paper: Patterns of excess alcohol
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