Should Usa Have A More Relaxed Or Stringent Immigration Policy? Essay

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Should USA have a more relaxed or stringent immigration policy?


Should the United States of America have a more relaxed or stringent immigration policy? A phenomenal number of immigrants come to the USA every year. They come here for different purposes and from different places. Some immigrants are refugees who have fled war torn countries like Syria, Jordan, from the African nations etc. Most come in search of better opportunities for their children because of the freedom, protection and benefits in this country. Native born Americans are not happy about the situation because they believe the higher taxes they pay, rise in crime, poverty and overpopulation in America is caused by the immigrants.

On the other hand, experts believe preventing immigrants from entering the country would increase unemployment rates as immigrants tend to do jobs that Americans would not and for lower wages. This leads to the economic impacts of immigration that briefly include lower wages, lower production costs and lower prices for the consumers.


According to the Economic Policy Institute, more than 40 million immigrants reside in the United States as of 2012, accounting for 13% of the total population. There were an estimated 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States as of that same year. This figure accounts for 3.7% of the total US population and about 5.2% of the labor force. 46% of all immigrants in the US are Hispanic or Latino. Roughly 19.2%

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