Should You Take Part? Politics Or Just Let God Take Control?

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Should you take part in politics or just let God take control?
Whether you should take part in politics and vote in the elections of public officials or rather let God take control is a hotly debated question between Christian Americans. The question was first brought about after the Revolutionary war when the United States was able to win its independence from its mother county Britain which meant that the citizens of the United States would now have to elect their own leaders and be involved in politics since they no longer had a king. From then on there then arose an argument in the Christian fraction of the American population, with a greater amount believing that it was the right thing to do to vote and take part in politics while a smaller group believing they should take part in neither since God was already in control or had everything planned out in their lives depending on what they believe.
From that time period till now people have always wondered why no matter who the leader has been there has been a certain difference between politics and some but not all of Christians. It is because Christians know there are always politicians who are in it for themselves not for the American People. While a group of Christians will not vote or take part in political events at all for one of these three reasons They feel like it goes against their moral beliefs, they don’t get involved because there mindset is that if God is already in control why involve yourself with

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