Shrovetide Football Research Paper

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The other type of game was called Shrovetide football, belonged in the "mob football" category. Here the number of players were unlimited with vague rules. An example of such vagueness is where any means could be used to get the ball to its target. The only exception is murder and manslaughter. The game is still being played today in some areas in Ashbourne, in Derbyshire. Pointless to say, it is no longer so violent as it used to be, nor are such broad casualties suffered as was probably the case centuries ago. The origin of this game apparently is Anglo-Saxon and there are many legends concerning its first appearance. For instance, both in Kingston-on-Thames and Chester, there is a story which says, the game was first played with a detached…show more content…
For instance, it is reported that the history of the game being played by the Anglo-Saxon could not be traced in any of their literature and there is also no trace of it. Before the Norman Conquest, the only information got such such game came from a Celtic source Another theory that emanated on the origin of the game was that is that while the "mob football" was being played in early years of the AD', in British Isles. similar game was also being played France, especially in Normandy and Brittany environs. It is believed that, while the Normans were moving into Britain, they brought the game along. These theories present a bewildered picture of the origin of the game and makes it even more complex than the rules of the game. Even farmers in those days sees the ball as the sun which they had to conquer to expect a plentiful harvest. So the game was not just a show of strength and skill but also a fertility rights that even pagan do believe it works. During this period, the ball had to be forced either around or across the field with the expectation that if will help bring bountiful harvest and the enemy had being deterred from destroying their
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