Sibling Rivalry And Love Is A Kind Of Animosity Between Two Brothers

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Name; Tarjinder Singh Class; English B Professor; Mrs. .Verbal Date; 09/27/15 Rivalry and Love Sibling rivalry and love is a kind of animosity between two brothers. It generally starts when two brothers spend more time with each other during their childhood than with their parents. A sibling relationship is often influenced and made complex by factors such as personality, birth order and parental treatment. In adulthood, brothers find their relationship with each other in clashes over unresolved childhood issues such as guilt, financial success and self-esteem. In “The Richest Brother” Tobias Wolff explores the rivalry and love between two brothers. He explains how the sibling rivalry and love makes both brothers look after each other.
It all started when Pete’s parents showed more affection toward his brother than to him. Pete, the older brother, is financially successful and owns a real estate business. He lives with his wife and two children in Santa Cruz. Donald, the younger brother, is still single. He drifts from location to location and job to job, joining a Pentecostal community. Donald often borrows money from his brother without paying him back. In the story, the main conflict seems to be their sibling rivalry and love between Pete and Donald. The rivalry first started with the older brother Pete. He thinks that his mother showed more devotion toward

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