Siddhartha Gautama, Siddhartha And The Country Of Nepal

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Buddha was born in a mountain kingdom, north of India, the country of Nepal. His Birth name is Siddhartha Gautama; Siddhartha is a compound of Sanskrit words, sidd and artha. Sidd meaning Perfection and Artha meaning to have a goal, so the overall meaning of Siddhartha is the one whose goal is perfection. He was born in a second highest caste in a Hindu family. In Buddhism, Siddhartha is not considered to be a god; he is just a person and only is considered to have certain abilities, as an extraordinary human. He was kept inside the kingdom until the age of 29, and at that time Siddhartha became very unsatisfied with his life despite having family and wealth. Finally he figured out the problems that are happening in the world, and questions himself why these things like illness, death, poverty are happening. He decided to leave the palace in the middle of the night. When everyone was sleeping he went to his wife, gave her a goodbye kiss and left the palace seeking the liberation from the cycle of rebirth. Him leaving wealth, family and home is known as going for the Great Renunciation. For the next 6 years he wandered around India studying with the greatest Hindu gurus, and mastered the Hindu practices that normally leads to Renunciation. He is still dissatisfied with his life; he didn 't find what he was primarily looking for. He thought he is not putting enough efforts and stopped eating. That didn’t help him get what he wanted. He then sat on the bank of the river,
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