Siegfried Sassoon´s Poem

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Ever wondered the type of poet the war of WWI could make? War has always been deadly, cruel, harsh, and with the introduction of new weapons it was everything a soldier could fear times ten. Among all the chaos and deaths that followed during WWI there was one soldier/war poet, Siegfried Sassoon, who created poems that vividly portrayed his experiences of being a soldier in one of the world’s largest wars. Siegfried Sassoon’s poems gave people back home a clear picture of what was really going on and what conditions the soldiers had to live under during the years that the war lasted. Siegfried lived a life that was greatly affected by war, the deaths of people he cared for, and his strong passion for writing poetry. (Mixture of all sources) Siegfried Sassoon was born on the month of September, the 8th day, and in the year of 1886. At an early age Siegfried lived in Matfield, UK in a mansion that went by the name of “Weirleigh” along with two other sibling and his parents. Throughout his life Siegfried lived in a numerous number of places because of unexpected injuries in war, however Siegfried Sassoon passed away at the age of 80 in the year of 1967, the month of September, on the 1st day, in the city of Heytesbury, UK. Siegfried was only 7 days away from his 81st birthday before he passed away from stomach cancer. ( Siegfried was primary named by his mother because of his mom’s love of

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