Siemie Monologue

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The time was early in the summer. I felt like I had been waiting for eight long months and finally the day, it was a Friday afternoon, when Sariah and I met Emmie and Pepper.
"Emmie, you are so beautiful with black and tan body," I cheered in my head.
We took responsibility for these two guinea pigs and provided them a satisfactory home. “I will be so delighted when Emmie has babies,” I whispered to myself.
That is what I kept thinking. A few weeks later, I observed Emmie and pepper breeding! I told my dad, but he told me that Emmie can't have babies so I trusted him for two reasons, number one he is my dad. Number two he was almost a veterinarian, but decided to be a human doctor instead. I still had hope, but I kept it hidden. As the day turned into months, I noticed Emmie was …show more content…

Finally! We arrived home three hours later. Sariah, who is my sister, zipped in the door and by the time I stepped inside half of the people in our family were rushing around with excitement due to Emmie's babies! Soon after, we help Emmie and her babies become settled into a clean comfortable area. We had cleaned up the cage and looked at the babies.
“They are so adorable!” I said, looking at them in awe. After a long restless night, I was desperate to gaze at them. I brought them outside, but the babies didn't eat the grass which surprised me do to the fact the guinea pigs can eat right after birth, but usually it takes twenty-four hours well, it had been about twenty hours! A little bit later the older brother, Coal, started to eat grass, he was also the first to drink milk. We named the girl Ocean who is black and white, and the boy Coal, who is as black as coal.
I feel like it took forever for them to be born and now today they are full grown. I learned from this experience that patience is important and it's troublesome to learn to

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