Significance And Effectiveness Of Disney 's Wartime Propaganda

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Before discussing the importance and effectiveness of Disney’s wartime propaganda, it is imperative to have an intimate understanding of the term “propaganda” and what it implies. Propaganda is defined as “any organized attempt by an individual, group, or government verbally, visually, or symbolically to persuade a population to adopt its views and repudiate the views of an opposing group” (Laurie 6). While the term propaganda is usually uttered oozing with negative connotation, it is important to understand that it is not only the tool of “totalitarian regimes,” but is also employed by “liberal democracies” (Taylor 3). The only difference between these two propaganda users (or abusers) is the intended audience and the rival group being criminalized. Disney Gets Drafted As already mentioned, the United States readily took part in the propaganda parley of World War II. The threat of subversive Nazi propaganda on U.S. soil caused private citizens to use their contacts to pressure the government into counteracting the “attack on democracy” (Laurie 30-32). This spurred the creation of government organizations such as the U.S. Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI) and the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The role of these organizations was to oversee the propaganda released on behalf of the government (Laurie 45). The military naturally became involved in the creation and implementation of propaganda films to promote anti-Nazi feelings across a nation immersed

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