Significance Of Sohrab In The Kite Runner

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On page 279, Amir sees Sohrab in real life for the first time. Details about Hassan from the beginning of the book are mentioned again, this time about his son. Hosseini uses the descriptions of Hassan’s ears, chin, round face, and his frame to compare Sohrab to his father. The mention of these details yet another time makes the audience reminisce about Hassan and then feel slightly grateful that his child seems to be like him, so he can live on. Sohrab is generally a character without a lot of details, and the purpose for this could be to make him seem more mysterious. Amir isn’t supposed to understand Sohrab and neither is the audience, because it’s hard to know why someone acts a certain way when you don’t know exactly what they’ve been through. Although the audience knows that both Sohrab’s parents were killed and Assef has abused him, it’s still hard to wrap your mind around what he might be thinking. Since the lack of details implies mysteriousness, bring the reader back to when Baba couldn’t understand Amir. This is a completely different situation but in a way, it’s similar, and it may be put in the book to show…show more content…
Hosseini chose to make Hassan tell about taking Sohrab to see a dancing monkey, buying him candy, and teaching him to read and write (217). These details make the readers smile at the relationship, only to have their heartbreak when they learn about Hassan’s death. These details make the readers love the two characters as a pair, even for a short time, so when Hassan dies it makes it that much more painful. The details about the photograph of Hassan and Sohrab emphasize their close relationship (215). The way Sohrab is standing shows he trusts and loves his father. Details like these also show how much Sohrab has changed from before Hassan was killed, and it helps the audience understand his character just a bit
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