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The Aspects of Parenting in Silas Marner “Love and Respect are the most important aspects of parenting and of all relationships.” Jodie Foster says. There are no constraints to love In the book of Silas Marner by George Eliot this is very true, all children need love and respect from their parents because all children have a privation of wanting to be loved. In the novel, Silas is a man who is living the life when his best friend William Pane accuses him of stealing from the church and Silas's life is turned upside down. He moves to a village called Ravenloe and becomes a hermit and the desolation of his life now makes him anti-social towards the others living in Raveloe. For living he is a weaver and makes money out of doing so, he…show more content…
Dunsey was culpable of stealing Silas's money, black mailing Godfrey, killing Godfrey's horse, and ending up falling in a hole and dying (Eliot, 58). He had absolutely no forbearance by the way he acted that day. Godfrey also not the best example of being respectful wants to be with Nancy when he already has a wife and denies his own daughter (Eliot, 96). If Squirre Cass was a good parent who raised his kids to be respectful and honest they would not be getting themselves into so much trouble. He lacked love towards his children and did not give them enough attention or the care they needed to learn what was right and wrong. Godfrey and Molly are both selfish, and lack many parenting skills. Molly brings her daughter into the freezing cold through a snow storm just so she can get revenge on Godfrey at his party. She falls in the snow and dies (Eliot, 91). She put the child at great risk and did not seem to have any solicitude for the child, but after the child fell into the snow she wandered off and managed to make her way into Silas's cottage and luckily Silas finds her and keeps her. If he had not she could have died, Molly put her own daughter at risk of death. If she truly loved and cared for her daughter she was have done what was best. This shows how uncaring she is towards her love for Eppie, her own daughter. Godfrey is just as guilty as being a bad parent as Molly. He does not

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