Similarities And Differences Between Lord Of The Flies Movie And Movie

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Harry Hook did an amazing job producing the movie “Lord of the Flies”, though not a lot of people enjoyed it as much as William Golding’s book. The novel was published in 1954 and the movie was first released in 1990. The movie had many amazing details you didn’t want to miss and it was fascinating to watch as well. On the other hand, the book had much more action and meaning. For me, both the movie and the book were captivating. However, some parts were completely different. In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the movie and the novel “Lord of the Flies”.

Firstly in the novel, it was clear that the children were all English schoolboys, but in the film, the boys appeared to be American because the director was an …show more content…

It was Jack who noticed Piggy's glasses and told him he could use them to start a fire. On the other hand, in the film, it was Ralph who had the idea to use his glasses, because Jack’s relationship was very weak with “the boy who had asthma.” And they surely didn’t get along.

Secondly, there were a lot of differences about the pig (Lord of the Flies) and the snake-like thing. In the movie when the boys were all sitting around the fire and Jack started telling them a scary story about a “thing.” Although if you watch the movie you’d know that the “beastie” came from the imagination and noises the littluns had been hearing each night. In the book, the beast (dead man) also got spotted by the boys tangled in a tree with his parachute, and when Ralph noticed him he said “It had teeth…. And big black eyes.” If you compare that to the film it turns out to be the opposite since a littlun from Jack’s tribe heard someone in a cave while hunting and described it is a monster. Now, let’s talk about the Pig or in other words the “Lord of the flies” and how Simon approached him in a different way. In the movie, Simon didn’t actually talk to the “Pig on a Stick”. He was hallucinating and imagining that the pig's head was talking to him. But, in reality, it was actually his line… "Fancy thinking the beast was something you could hunt

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