Similarities And Differences In The Elizabethan Era

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The Elizabethan Era is often considered the ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Renaissance’ of English History. It was called Elizabethan simply because it coincided with Queen Elizabeth I’s rule. It was a generation of expansion of ideas and flowering of poetry, music, and literature and it greatly contributed to the theatre field. Many of the most famous people in English literature have come from the Elizabethan Era. Like all the other eras in English history, the Elizabethan had many notable similarities and contrasts with the present day. One significant remark of the Elizabethan era and our time is the role of women. During that era, women were obliged to sit still and look pretty. Women did not go to school and were educated only by their mothers. They were taught how to be a good wife and mother. Marriage for love was not valued at that time; many women are given away for social status. Many young women were married off to men that were selected by their parents and were much older than them. These women were treated by their husbands as slaves, or their property rather than wives. At that time, …show more content…

Christianity had started to decline and Humanism began to rise during the Elizabethan Era and nowadays, about half of England’s population has no religion and only 8% of the population remained Catholics. It was also easy to fall sick with diseases such as Scarlet Fever and Black Death since people during the Elizabethan Era did not take care of their personal hygiene. In the present day, people have been more concerned with staying clean. Vaccines and medicines are readily available, so these diseases have become less fatal and less common. The people of the Elizabethan Era were entertained by music and dances while nowadays, there are many more ways aside from music and dances to be entertained such as the applications on mobile devices and

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