Similarities Between Achilles And The Iliad

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Modern society continues to tell many ancient literature stories today, because of how closely related they are to society today. The main characters in the stories of “The Iliad” and “The Aeneid” show many parallels to today’s world. Achilles, from the Iliad, and Aeneas, from the Aeneid come from different stories and personalities, but yet show relevance to society today. Both stories show many different ideals, emotions, and other aspects that the reader can relate to, and make connections with also. The Iliad and The Aeneid both show life lessons to learn from, but also show different aspects of power and how different people face various problems and issues in their life. Achilles and Aeneas both use their power to contribute to their society, but also have differences in how they use it to benefit or harm society. As leader of the Achaeans, Achilles is immortal and god-like. His power leads into many arguments with other characters, such as the fight between Agamemnon in book one of “The Iliad”. The argument between Agamemnon and Achilles was about Agamemnon not realising Chryseis free; Achilles is extremely heated as he calls Agamemnon, “You thick-skinned, shameless, greedy fool!” ( 131, Lines) In the story, his power gives him a hot temper as “he slid the big blade slowly from his sheath,” (132, Lines ), attempting to kill Agamemnon. Aeneas, however, is a different story, as he is a normal human being who holds very little power. He does prove as a person of

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