Similarities Between Ancient Greece And China Essay

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1. Using three civilizations as examples, describe the concept of the Axial Age The concept of axial age was introduced into the sphere of philosophical knowledge by German existentialist philosopher Karl Jaspers for characterizing the period of ancient history during about the 8th to the 3rd century BC. In this period of time we have developed a fundamentally new religious beliefs and doctrines that promoted human and cultural values of the era. Jaspers described the Axial Age as an interregnum between two ages of great empire, a pause for liberty, a deep breath bringing the most lucid consciousness. Jaspers argued that during the Axial Age, the spiritual foundations of humanity were laid simultaneously and independently in China, India, Persia, Judea and Greece. And these are the foundations upon which humanity still subsists today. Consider, for example Greece, India and China. Ancient Greece up to the 6th century BC was on a par with other civilizations by the level of spiritual development. Hellenic culture range was one of those, whose coordinate system covers the problems of family, God, nature and Eros. As a general rule, the mentality of this culture consisted the two vectors — Apollonian and Dionysian. Dionysian beginning was aimed at the satisfaction of the instinctual needs, as opposed to the Apollonian, whose essence consisted of creative and scientific elements. The widespread fall of the monarchy and the actualization role of the nation brought Hellenic

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