Similarities Between Dracula And The Elephant Man

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We live in a world where people have lost or lack sympathy, often resulting in the feeling of being alienated. In both novels the characters in The Elephant Man and in Dracula display very different personalities in which I noticed that not everyone can adapt to, that is why the characters start to feel alone, and this is essential because in order to not feel judged we need to learn how to accept everyone’s differences.
Amongst all characters the most alienated was Dracula. In the novel Johnathan begins to notice changes in Dracula’s behavior. When Parker writes in his journal “I have not yet seen a servant …, or heard a sound near the castle” (24) Parker started to get an eerie feeling while being in the castle. Parker noticed Dracula was a very secluded person and he was that way so he could keep himself isolated. Even though Dracula is a killer, he must at times wonder how society is talking about him. Count Dracula is aware of the things people around town are saying about him, yet he acts as if he doesn’t care. He refers to himself as “royalty” but while doing so he is also isolating himself from the outside world. …show more content…

From the start you could tell Parker was a quiet yet very intelligent person. He started to begin getting attention because he was travelling to Dracula’s castle. People commented to him about the dangers associated with Dracula but ultimately he continued his journey to Dracula’s castle. Within a few of days of being in the Castle, Parker wrote “The castle is a veritable prison, and I am a prisoner” (31) meaning that Parker was feeling overwhelmed with fear from Dracula. Johnathan was a courteous person by not judging Dracula, he did at times but he didn’t let society influence most of his opinions. Until later after he found out the truth about

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