Similarities Between Gilgamesh And Odyssey

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The Gilgamesh and Odyssey books have common themes despite the fact that they are used in different scenarios. In both settings, there seems to be ups and downs as the general context of the books develop. The epic of Gilgamesh gives a clear outline of different activities and social life in the ancient Mesopotamia back in 2100 BCE. Odyssey is a Greek setting writing that has remained relevant for the past years due to the relevance of its themes. The content and theme in the poem is endurance as the narrator explains on the ups and downs that Odysseus experiences on his way back to Ithaca. The book and the poem seem to have a greater connection that has been addressed in the passage below. This paper contains a brief summary and explanation of the two writings. Finally the last part analyzes the connection of the two writings through the theme honor and glory. In the epic of Gilgamesh, Sumerians were a group of hardworking and innovative people. They strived to develop new innovations in agriculture. They controlled floods in Tigris and Euphrates rivers by using the water for irrigation. Irrigation system was by the use of tunnels and therefore silt and sand was used to control and direct water into their farms. Economic and political development of Mesopotamia was in the hand of Sumerians. They invented plows, wheels and writings. Additionally, Sumerians were great mathematicians and astronomers which helped them embark into great innovations (Beye & Charles 38). In

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