Similarities Between Home Alone And Ransom Of Red Chief

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The theme of a story is the moral or lesson displayed in the story. The theme of both the short story Ransom Of Red Chief and the movie Home Alone is that looks can be deceiving. In Ransom of Red Chief two con men try to kidnap a boy and hold him for ransom money, but the boy tortures the con men. In Ransom of Red Chief it stated “ I jumped up to see what the matter was. Red Chief was sitting on Bill’s chest, with one hand wrapped around Bill’s hair. In the other he had a sharp knife we used for slicing bacon. He was trying really hard and with great realism to scalp Bill.”(O’Henry 65) This shows how the con men thought Red Chief was a harmless little boy but he ended up torturing Bill and Sam. In Home Alone Kevin’s family go on vacation and leave him at home. Kevin learns to live on his own, meanwhile two criminals are planning to rob his home. Kevin outsmarts the criminals and sets traps that they fall into. In a scene in Home Alone the two criminals that are robbing Kevin’s house are surprised when he set traps for them. This shows how the theme related to the story by Harry and Marv thought Kevin was a harmless kid when in actuality he was really smart.

Characters both in Ransom of Red Chief and Home Alone share some of the same traits. One character trait that is shared is in the two criminals in each story. In Ransom of Red Chief one of the con men is smarter than the other or the brains of the operation. All throughout the story Bill is terrorized by Red Chief.

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