Similarities Between Lance Armstrong And Macbeth

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Lance Armstrong and Macbeth have many similarities through the urge for ambition in their lives. Armstrong and Macbeth both lost fans/friends throughout their journeys in life. Armstrong's use of drugs made people respect him a lot less and not like him. Macbeth's harmful ruling made everyone not like him and want him dead. These equate because each were not liked by others and lost important figures in their lives that lead to their downfall. Additionally, Armstrong and Macbeth both used their power beyond control in a way that harmed themselves and or others. Macbeth killed many people for him to remain in control of power. More than half the deaths he caused were people who weren't in an position to harm him anyway. Armstrong used his…show more content…
Another connection between Lance and Armstrong is that greed was their tragic flaw. Macbeth and his wife were very greedy and weren't satisfied with the power they held. And they weren't going to stop until they ruled the whole kingdom. Him and his wife would go to any measure to do so. Armstrong had the desire to be the best in cycling, even if that meant cheating. He sued, bullied, and killed careers of innocent people. Not knowing all those people were just telling the truth. It's sad to see on the greatest American success stories to all be a lie. Everything was taken away from Armstrong; money, sponsors, supporters, and respect. Macbeth's tragic downfall ended in death. Both characters had a spiraling downfall and this is why cheaters and liars never win.

There are also many differences between Macbeth and Armstrong that play as a role in their way to the top. One being Armstrong admitted to his actions and did an interview explaining why he chose to do so. Armstrong explains that without having cancer he would've never have won the Tour de France he also said if he were to redo it, he wouldn't have changed a thing. Macbeth on the other hand hid the fact that he was killing others. He hired people to do his dirty

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