Similarities Between Primate And Primate Behaviors And Social Structures Essay

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I watched several documentaries which allowed me to observe different species of primates living in their natural habitats. I took notes of what I saw and researched information on the species to fully understand the meaning of each discernable behavior. The first documentary that I watched was made by KPBS San Diego and allowed me to observe a community of Bonobos living in their natural habitat in Congo. Second documentary that I watched was a BBC documentary which allowed me to observe a small community of Chimpanzees living in Uganda. I then watched a second BBC documentary in which observed Crested Black Macaques in their natural habitat, the Timbuktu Rainforest I could observe and take notes. I then reviewed the documentaries whiles listening to the observer’s comments. During my observations, I witnessed many different primate activities such as social grooming, the use of tools, and hunting. I was also able to identify several different primate behaviors and social structures. Additionally, watching different species of primate allowed me to identify their similarities and differences. Moreover, I was also able to recognize similarities between them and us, humans.
The Peaceful Bonobo Apes of the Congo for example:
They are of the suborder Haplorhini, the infraorder Anthropoidea, the superfamily Hominidae, and the family Hominidae. Following is a list of physical features I could observe:
-Generally tall and thin body
-Upper limbs longer than lower limbs

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