Similarities Between Socrates And Machiavelli

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Socrates and Machiavelli are considered to be great philosophers and well-known political thinkers of their times. They are the basis of which political philosophy and theory is studied and learned today. Each individual had a different idea on what the best political system is, how citizens should act, and how the ruler of said political system should conduct themselves. The differences in opinion can be attributed to the different time periods each profound thinker lived in. Socrates lived in Ancient Athens in a time of post war and political transition while Machiavelli lived in Italy during a time period laced with insecurity, political discontinuity, and violence. The opposing viewpoints can all so be ascribed to the different types of morality in which the philosophers constructed his concepts on. Their differences in thinking and understanding politics bring a single question to mind. Would these two great theorists agree with one another or would they disagree. I would argue that Socrates would not approve of Machiavelli’s ideas on morality, conduct of citizens and the conduct of a ruler. Socrates and Machiavelli’s ideas and theories are based on two different concepts of morality. When referring to morality, it is defined in this paper by how a moral individual should live their lives. Those different philosophies of morality are soul craft and state craft. Soul craft is morality based on what is good for the individual’s soul. To practice soul craft, an

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