Similarities Between The Prince And Machiavelli

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Battle 1 HypoCrates: Socrates’ Beliefs and Hypocrisy on Machiavelli’s Prince and Politics Niccolo Machiavelli lived in Italy during a time of great change and political conflict and war. Similarly, Socrates lived in Greece, which was also experiencing political unrest. Both of these philosophers wrote about what they believed to be a successful political system and its leadership, or the Prince. Although both lived during similar societal unrest, each had different perspectives on what it is a fit Prince would be. Socrates believed that a Prince should be one who motivated the pursuit of wisdom and held some of their own, as well as one who valued morality in their rule. Machiavelli believed that a Prince would be one who had the right to manipulate their people as well as one who could separate morality from their rule. Socrates would not agree with Machiavelli’s concept of a Prince because of their differing views on how wisdom and morality should be applied to an effective Prince’s rule however, would have to support the political system that comes from the Prince’s rule because of Socrates’ belief on obeying law, whether it is just or unjust. Socrates and Machiavelli’s beliefs differ in what role wisdom takes on for a Prince. Socrates would not support Machiavelli’s view that a Prince would be permitted to manipulating the people simply because the people do not hold enough wisdom to mind. Machiavelli believes that people do not strive for gaining more wisdom because

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