Similarities Between The Tortilla Curtain And Child Dead In The Rose Garden

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The Tortilla Curtain by T. C. Boyle and “Child, Dead, in the Rose Garden” by E.L. Doctorow are similar in some ways and different in others. Tortilla Curtain is a novel that shows how an illegal immigrant named Candido lives and struggles in America. While living there he went through many difficulties. The circumstances were having multiple jobs but still being poor, which lead to him not having a decent home to live in his wife, Ameríca, instead having to live in a campsite. Also, Candido was injured from a car accident and could not work and lastly, him being an illegal immigrant was a consequence. Even though he went through these situations, he still stayed in America just to live his American Dream. “Child, Dead in the Rose Garden” tells the story of an illegal alien boy who died and was placed in the White House rose garden. Detective Molloy investigates on how he was killed and finds out that he died from an asthma attack caused by pollution. Since the pollution was caused by the government, daughter of Utilicon’s chairman, Chrissie Stevens dad's business she put the body in the White House to make the public go against the government. She did this because she wanted to show them for a terse second that America is a country that should be united, not split. These two works are similar in many ways. These two works are similar because in both stories, it had people treating immigrants harshly. This is because in The Tortilla Curtain, Delaney was treating

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