Similarities In Finding Her Way And Kylie Projects

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Not everybody takes their differences the same way. People react differently. Everybody is not the same. They all have their special unique abilities. In both of the text/interview, “finding her way” and “Kylie project” both show different ways people react to themselves. Everybodys also has their special abilities.
In “finding her way” Angela has a problem of fitting in. For her, she has been in america since she was 2 years old. She was born in korea. Angela’s has problems and deals with them. “In elementary school, it was mostly about appearance, and also my clothes. My family was poor and I didn’t have a lot of clothes. Once I learned English, I was fluent and wasn’t perceived as someone who “speaks with an accent.” She says. Her way of coping or dealing with the people teasing her is that she just ignores them and thinks that they are not even there. It helps her with this situation. Some people might think differently and it shows when Kylie has a problem is “Kylie's project”. The way she deals with it is help from friends and family. In the story it says in the beginning, “I don’t want to bring …show more content…

It shows how you can stand up for yourself or you can depend on somebody to help you. There is a lot of more ways but not shown here. These experiences show the different ways they cope with their struggles. In “finding her way,” the way angela copes with her problems it that she just ignores and thinks that the people who bully her for her differences. In interview it states, “Once in awhile I would talk back, but mostly I would try to ignore them and pretend they didn’t bother me.” This here shows she stands up for themselves. But in “Kylie's Project” she depended on her brother to help her. Kylie had her brother phillip help her feel better. In the story it states, “That is such an awesome picture, Philip. Look at the way the light gleams off Brody’s coat.” she depended on phillip to make her feel

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