Similarities and Differences among Sources

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Similarities and Differences Among Sources The themes that are common among each policy are security and protection of vital information and a desire to ensure that the reader understands what kind of information is being offered (Managing - Beth, 2007; Managing, 2002; Managing - Georgetown, 2007). There are no significant differences between the policies in the sense of what they protect against and what they provide. The main difference is that some of the policies are longer than others and some of them are presented differently. For example, the policy of Georgetown University Medical Centers is provided all on one page, with hyperlinks the reader can click in order to be taken to different parts of the document (Managing - Georgetown, 2007). The other two policies open in separate documents and all of the information is provided within those documents, with one being seven pages shorter than the other (Managing, 2007; Managing, 2002). While there is no specific benefit either way, it is up to the company as to how it wants to present the information and how it wants other people to access that information. Some of the key security principles and elements of the organizations' policies are more important than others, of course, and there are reasons behind that which must be addressed in order to have a clear understanding of the value of these policies. One of the important parts of the Georgetown University Medical Centers (Managing - Georgetown, 2007) policy is
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