`` Sin, Knowledge, And The Human Condition

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I have identified several themes that are interwoven throughout the book. There are three main themes that are incorporated in the book; sin, knowledge, and the human condition. The first theme, sin, is depicted by the presence of the strong Judeo-Christian origin this country was built on. As evident by Hester’s form of punishment for her crime, Christianity was deeply rooted in the present time. This Christian culture reminds me of the environment that I was raised in. I was adopted into a Mormon family at the age of four. I was taught similar morals, values, and beliefs. I have made similar mistakes, and have been condemned for them. Like Hester, I was isolated from the world around me.
I have felt that unbearable judgement come from friends, family, and society. As a result of my trials, my perception of the world changed forever. This brings me to my second theme, knowledge. The mistakes I have made in my life allowed me to evolve in the most unexpected way. I was able to cultivate a new level of passionate intellect on the subjects of human nature, social organizations, and morality. I was also introduced to the idea that not all human beings are good, and that I must have a level of protection for myself. This concept that people could be evil, was both exhilarating and liberating. I was also able to accept that our genetics, experiences, and personalities, shape how we perceive the world and others. This ideology brings me to the third theme,

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