Since 1935, When Welfare Was Set In Place And Made Known,

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Since 1935, when Welfare was set in place and made known, Americans have been profoundly impacted in many ways. Not just the recipient 's economic state but also the society around them as a whole has been greatly affected as well. The Welfare system is constructed on the fundamentals of distribution and equality along with opportunities for individuals who cannot afford the minimum level of well-being in today 's economic society. There has been much controversy surrounding Welfare based on the beliefs of some that it is an outdated and obsolete system. “During the Great Depression of the 1930s, local and state governments, as well as private charities, were overwhelmed by needy families seeking food, clothing, and shelter” (“How Welfare …show more content…

Continually ever changing and pushing forward to help millions of people who cannot afford basic essential needs without it. For example, Welfare provides food stamps to people who are struggling with ways to supply and place food on the table every day for themselves along with their families. During hard times, food stamps, become a very much needed basic staple that allows access to nutritious food and everyday living must haves. With food stamps, one can provide food for their family while using other income to help pay for things such as rent, other common living expenses, and bills. Welfare allows a section of society the opportunity to provide for their families and maintain a basic lifestyle and a decent opportunity to succeed in the standardized sub culture today. Another branch or aid that Welfare has in place is Section 8 or subsidized housing. Section 8 is an affordable housing act that has helped house roughly 4.8 million people individuals who have a low income and may struggle financially. Section 8 provides families with the most basic fundament living aspects, this being a safe and affordable housing structure to protect and provide shelter for the family unit. Those who are on Welfare are required to apply for jobs and show proof of doing so if they are currently unemployed. Programs are set in place to assist an individual in their

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