Since The Dawn Of Man, Survival Was Achieved Through Hunters

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Since the dawn of man, survival was achieved through hunters and gatherers who scavenged for essential supplies to maintain health and prevent starvation. Eventually, with subsequent time, this repetitive period of trial and error along with human’s instinct for survival led to miraculous discoveries about human anatomy and ailments that negatively impact health. Presently, scientists work together to find new advancements for the cure and prevention of diseases. Many of these cures have saved millions. For example, the polio virus ravaged humans throughout the 1950’s.1 Citizens feared for their lives, and little could be done to ensure their safety. Polio was a global epidemic; the “lucky few” developed severe flu-like symptoms such as a …show more content…

Racial ambiguities such as this were quite common for the time, so much, so it became known as the Jim Crowe Era. Jim Crowe defined African Americans quality of life.3 The anti-black Jim Crowe Laws were not abolished until the late-1960’s.3 Henrietta and other citizens of color were damned at birth. Society treated them as second class citizens. Under these circumstances, following in her family’s footsteps, Henrietta began to work on the tobacco plantation as a farmer.2 Then at the young age of 14, she gave birth to her first child, Lawrence, who was fathered by her cousin, Day Lacks. Four years later Henrietta had a second child, Elsie, also with her cousin Day.2 Ms. Lacks and her newly formed family continued to live in Clover until 1941 when they relocated for work; specifically, work created by the Bombing of Pearl Harbor. Historically WWII is a tragedy although in Henrietta’s time the jobs created as an effect had a positive impact on poor citizens financially.2 However, nearly a decade later she decided to go to John Hopkins hospital for treatment of a “knot” on her womb (shortly after the birth of her fifth child) where Henrietta was diagnosed with cervical cancer.2 Ms. Lacks’ cancer was treated aggressively and swiftly. Sadly, she did not survive the

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