Singing Career Paper

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My class has recently been introduced to a very useful and informative website called or College Foundation Of North Carolina. This website has helped us find out what careers are best suited for us in the future and what tasks and responsibilities those careers may include. One of the many goals I have for this paper is to find out whether the career I have chosen really fits me or not. Another goal I have for this paper, is to find out more about CFNC and how it can help me plan for the future and learn about all different types of careers. Above all, I really hope this paper will help me to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Survey Results On the website, my class was asked to…show more content…
You have to constantly be practicing and developing your voice to it’s full potential. Some of the tasks I will have to do includes self-promotion as well as self-employment until I sign with a label or am able to become well-known. I will have to sing live in front of large audiences on television, concerts, and at other musical performances. I will also have to study with many different vocal coaches and trainers in order to develop my vocal and performance skills to my maximum potential. As you can clearly see, the singing career requires a lot of hard work, but I truly believe that I am up to the…show more content…
I do have high hopes that I will get into Forsyth Early College, but I will not find out until May whether I am accepted or not. The classes I will have to take in high school to prepare for college include Honors English and Communications one. These two classes, along with many others, will help me prepare for my future career. As far as extracurricular activities, I plan to participate in as much theatre as possible. I also plan to continue taking voice and guitar lessons to help develop my vocal and musical skills to their full potential. I think I will definitely strive for vocal and academic scholarships. I also think that in high school I will get a part time job so I can start purchasing my own personal items. I think this will help me learn the importance of money and help me to be financially smart throughout life. I can’t wait to see what the next four years and high school will hold for
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