Sir Ken Robinson 's Video

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Sir Ken Robinson’s Video The education system has been a controversy over the years; many people are in favor of it while others are against it. Sir Ken Robinson’s main argument is that the education system in the west does not target its students, but rather more the work life. Furthermore the system makes it seem like only certain people are capable of succeeding, and it teaches its students that there is one only way, excluding or isolating divergent thinking; I agree with Sir Robinson that the education system is not doing its best since I have seen it myself, for all my life I have been a student, and still am. Sir Robinson argues that the education system in the west has failed in educating the students. The…show more content…
At the very bottom of the list are the arts. Art is also educational as well as part of our history, however our educative system does not put much effort into it because it is not seen as important. Things that we are good at may not be supported by the educated system because what we like will not help us get a job and earn money. Robinson argues that children need to learn without losing their cultural identity. Children should know who they are, their values, traditions, and not get lost in the outburst of population. However, what the system is doing is isolating children who believe there is no purpose in going to school or obtaining a college diploma. Children were thought that going to school and earning a degree would get them a job, but today kids do not agree with this idea. Robinson says he sees why kids disagree since the population is increasing immensely and more people are getting degrees. Getting a degree is not a guarantee to obtain a job anymore. On the other hand divergent thinking is not supported by the educative system. Divergent thinking is the capability of coming up with different possible answers, your own unique answers whereas convergent thinking only has one correct answer. It is one of the controversies that have been brought up over time. Every single person is capable of divergent thinking and because of
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