Sister Wives: The Effect of Plural Marriages in Society

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When the term marriage is brought up in casual conversation many minds jump straight to husband, wife, three point five children and a family dog. After the controversial airing of the show sister wives, however, the term is stretched to mean much different and unconventional meaning. Sisterwives, or Plural Marriage, are terms commonly used in the religion and social group of Polygamist Mormons. The majority of this country sees this as a convictable offence toward women, toward the sanctity of marriage, and towards the welfare of the nation. From the view of women who live this lifestyle, from "sister wives" this choice of Plural marriage can be an extremely beneficial thing, covering the basics that many families can lack because of human limits. In a house hold with multiple mothers and wives, children are never left without care and neglect. With the abundance of moms, there is almost the concept of ultimate motherhood, and with so many adults with different interests, almost everything is covered with the reaching interests of each adult; someone may thrive in childcare, while others may have the mind for business or home keeping, leaving no stone of the family left unturned and unkempt. This concept of plural marriage fills the gaps of which may be ongoing issues in the conventional two-parent homes. A phrase is commonly known by many that, it takes a villiage to raise a child. In modern day, that concept is lost with the common nuclear family. With polygamy, each

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