Skepticism of the Use of Cryonics

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When the issue of “death” is discussed, what comes to mind? Do you think of its inevitability, how it may be the end of basically…everything, or are you curious if there’s anyway we can somehow cheat it? “Death is not an event, but a process.” Says some scientists who are involved with Cryonics, which is when dead bodies are frozen to someday be brought back to life. So, do you agree, or disagree? Though Cryonics is an amazing breakthrough in its field, I disapprove of it’s utilization. I am in disfavor of the usage of Cryonics because of the skepticism of attempting a revival and the concerns and questions it raises with certain religions that find it distasteful. Some companies that are associated with Cryonics guarantee that the revival of your loved one will be successful, but they shouldn’t be so positive about that yet. Scientists that work with Cryonics have put bodies into nitrogen tanks with ease, but they have yet to triumphantly bring someone back from the dead. No one can be one hundred percent positive that reviving a cryogenically frozen person will end up working out since no one has yet to do so. The characters from the Disney movie “Frozen,” were lucky, but in real life, it’s just way too soon to tell. Furthermore, if the attempt is a failure, it will be an unfortunate waste of thousands and thousands of dollars, two hundred thousand dollars plus an annual fee to be precise, to the distraught, bereaved family. The lingering possibility of a failure in a

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