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Skoda auto is an automobile manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Starting off in the late 1890’s Skoda was just a company that manufactured cycles. However by the mid 1940’s Skoda had started to manufacture cars and slowly progressed as a company. However it was never a big company as they sold regular cars, which did not stand out. However in 1991, it was brought by the well-known car manufacture, Volkswagen. This made a dramatic change in the design and production of their cars as German technology was used to develop Skoda products. Know having the financial backing of a big German company, it allowed Skoda to push them selves to new levels and to produce bigger and better cars. In the past Skoda specialised in making small …show more content…
FDI is where businessmen/businesswomen invest in a business in another country. This is done because foreign people see potential in businesses which can become bigger if it is provided with financial backing, An example of FDI is football. In the past international trade in football was small; however during the years, businesses across the world see potential in football and decide to buy out specific clubs, by doing this, they provide the Football Team with finical backing, allowing them to trade internationally with other clubs around the world. Globalisation Globalisation can be defined in many ways, as it covers a lot of context; however the main principle of globalisation is that there has been an increase of companies going global or worldwide. For a company to become bigger it must be known in other countries and in order to this many feel that they have to expand there business globally. Meaning businesses have to trade and compete internationally. Free Trade and Protectionism Free trade allows countries to trade international without the government involvement, removing all the barriers to international trade. There are three types of organizations that help prevent this, the first Being European union, then North American free trade agreement and the World trade organization. The fundamental goal that the World trade organization has is to help producers of goods and services, importers and

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