Slave Fredrick Douglass

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A man of hope and undying perseverance, Frederick Douglass escapes the shackles of slavery into the safety of the North, where he achieves the ultimate dream of the southern slave: freedom. He overcomes his struggles with his identity and knowledge of his past. In his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, the cruelty and inhumane ways of slaveholders are depicted in their truest forms through the personal accounts of Frederick Douglass. Douglass is fearful of having to stay as a slave for life and experiences different work under the several masters he served. When Sophia Auld, the wife of Douglass’ master, tries to teach Douglass how to read and write, she is told to stop by her husband because according to Mr. Auld, a slave who reads will develop a desire for freedom. Hearing this, Douglass is determined and hopeful that his ability to read and write will determine his future in slavery or freedom. After many thoughts of doubt, experiences of betrayal, and whip lashings, Douglass finally decides to embark on his escape to freedom on September 3, 1838. Finally in free land in the North, Douglass is filled with distrust and fear of being captured by slaveholders; however, the kindness of Mr. Nathan Johnson allows him to live the rest of his life in freedom. The novel is written from about 1818 to 1841 over the significant life events experienced by Frederick Douglass himself. During his first few years in slavery, Douglass worked under his first master Captain

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