Slavery As A Burden Of The United States Essay

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To this day, African American history has drastically shaped the world and more specifically, the United States. The topic of slavery has been the most discussed throughout history because of the arising issues it has caused between people in many places. Today, most people reject the ideology of pro-slavery and consider slavery as a burden of the United States. However, in the past, rationalizations and justifications of slavery encouraged slave trades, assisted in slavery expansion and legalization in the United States. Slavery became increasingly hostile to those who were involved during the journey from Africa to the arrival and settlement in the United States. To illustrate the experiences of slavery from a slave’s perspective, narratives written by fugitive slaves such as Harriett Tubman and Frederick Douglass are essential when trying to understand chattel slavery in America. When slavery came to an end, African Americans were still faced with challenges and discrimination in society. In his book, W.E.B. DuBois observed the root problems and proposed solutions to these problems. This example is beneficial when trying to understand problems and issues that African Americans from the beginning of the Reconstruction period well into the 20th century.
Almost everyone around the world agrees that all forms of slavery are inhumane and degrading. However, it’s important to know why and demonstrate how it is wrong since there are so many arguments trying to rationalize and

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