Slavery, Slavery And End The Most Brutal Piece Of American History

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Slavery began in the United States as soon as the first Europeans stepped foot on the land. Many people had numerous hardships and losses because of this brutal part of American history. These slaves would lose every aspect of their lives including their spouses, children, and religion, and the only thing they gained was the scars on their backs from the beatings their owners brought upon them. Slavery lasted for over a century in the United States, and it was not until Thomas Jefferson’s Northwest Ordinance that any change was attempted. Preceding Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln contributed to end slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment, Andrew Johnson followed with the Fourteenth Amendment, and finally, Ulysses S. Grant made them even more equal with the Fifteenth Amendment. So how did these important documents break the bonds of slavery and end the most brutal piece of American history?
Everyone knows that slavery was in the southern parts of the United States, the Confederacy, but what they do not know is that slavery also took place in the north. The north and south contained different types of slavery, the north partaking indentured slavery, and the south with hereditary slavery. Both types of slavery were terrible, but the slaves in the north were able to eventually work off their debt and receive freedom. The north was not as big on slavery and their slaves were not all African Americans. Some of the slaves in the north were Europeans who…
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