Slavery, Slavery And End The Most Brutal Piece Of American History

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Slavery began in the United States as soon as the first Europeans stepped foot on the land. Many people had numerous hardships and losses because of this brutal part of American history. These slaves would lose every aspect of their lives including their spouses, children, and religion, and the only thing they gained was the scars on their backs from the beatings their owners brought upon them. Slavery lasted for over a century in the United States, and it was not until Thomas Jefferson’s Northwest Ordinance that any change was attempted. Preceding Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln contributed to end slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment, Andrew Johnson followed with the Fourteenth Amendment, and finally, Ulysses…show more content…
However, they did have black slaves, especially in Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky, and Delaware. Even the states that everyone knows to be against slavery quietly took part in it in their northern factories.
The south is the slavery that everyone knows of with slaves from Africa who are born into their lives of torture. These slaves worked on the plantations and were never able to gain freedom from their lives as slaves. They worked in treacherous working conditions and masters owned them. Their masters could sell them whenever they wanted to and whipped them constantly, sometimes for no reason. Families split up, religion was lost, and scars spread across the slaves backs from the harsh whips. Thomas Jefferson wanted to put an end to this form of slavery, so he proposed a document that would do so.
The first sign of free lives in the United States began in the 1787 with the Northwest Ordinance. Thomas Jefferson proposed the document that stated that any state northwest of the Ohio River would be equal to the original thirteen states and would not permit slavery (“Primary Documents,” 2015a). This document also allowed settlers to expand their territories and make profits to help with national debt. The northerners were happy with this new Ordinance because they would not have to compete with slave labor while the southerners were happy because it would lead to slave
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