Slavery in the 12 Years a Slave, The Narrative, and Uncle Tom´s Cabin

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A lot can be said about America in the 1800’s; manifest destiny, innovations, the president’s, civil war, and slavery. Three stories, “12 Years a Slave”, The Narrative, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin explain to us how crucify slave owners were to their slaves, but how other slave owners were gentle at the same time. It’s hard to believe that slaves were treated like dirt, and even our founding fathers owned slaves. The three tales explain their own, personal experience with slavery, in the eyes of a slave. Although the three writers weren’t together, they have many in common with each other, in common with one another, and share many differences as well. What all three stories have in common are they’re in the 1800’s in the southern part of the United States where slavery is still legal. The main characters in each story, Solomon from “12 Years a Slave”, Frederick Douglass from The Narrative, and Uncle Tom from Uncle Tom’s Cabin, had nice master that treated them with respect; they each had an experience with another master that acquired a “very high reputation for breaking … slaves … [,] a ‘nigger-breaker’ ” (pg.971). They knew nothing less than hard work would be tolerated. Anything the master believes was less than that would be whip, or get the “devil [whipped] out” (pg. 986) of them. Another thing the three stories had in common was religion and working on big plantations. Solomon experiences every Sunday his first master talking about slavery, and how the bible,

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