Sleep Paralysis - Original Writing

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Sleep Paralysis

It’s just another night; there’s no air of mystery, no haunted house and certainly no ghosts, and yet I am still utterly terrified. I, a man standing at around 6 foot, was absolutely terrified. It was cold and the dim light of my television dimly lit my bedroom, the scent of my nervous sweat permeated the crisp air. Why am I scared? The dreams. Every night of the past month, without fail, I have woken up screaming. Completely terrified that the awful creatures were still going to be there when I awoke. Running a hand through my greasy black hair I tried to get a grip on my sanity.

“They’re just dreams.” I said to myself for the thousandth time. Unconvinced, I lie my head onto the soft, feather pillow. Turning the tv off I begin to force myself to sleep, sweating profusely still despite the air conditioner in my room being on. Then, the dream begun.
My eyes opened, my room was the same as ever, the same dim blue glow of my night light, the same black curtains and blanket. Everything was just as it was when I had fallen asleep, with only two major differences: One, I am asleep (Sleep) and Two, I am completely unable to move (Paralysis).

As he has every night for the past month, the ashen skinned creature appeared from the end of my bed, like a solid smoke. It’s hair, messy and pure white, obscured my vision of it’s face, making only his glowing blue eyes, identical to mine, visible as they burrowing into my very soul. His slender appendages, almost…
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