Smacking Your Log

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There are many things that people do on a daily basis that makes me unhappy. For example, the girl that sits behind me in my developing writing class has the tendency to move my desk and stand right next to me when it’s time for the bell to ring. More often than not, I think about yelling at her and hoping she’ll listen. The only problem is, I have to control myself. If she would have added smacking her gum to her list of flaws, I would have no choice but to say something to her. When people smack their gum, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.
Fortunately for me, not many people do smack their gum. Therefore, I don’t get aggravated that often. I am a very pick person. I am also the kind person who knows what kind of people I want around me. Usually, I make friends constantly. The only problem with this is with so many people around me; the more chances there are of me becoming annoyed by their habits. Even though the things my friends do annoy me, I bottle up my feelings and keep my comments to myself. Eventually though, that person will start to annoy me every moment that we spend together. From now on, if I think someone is pretty cool but does …show more content…

When people chew their gum and smack it, it reminds me of when people chew with their mouths open. People who chew with their mouths open are also on my pet peeve list right next to people who smack their gum. When someone smacks their gum, the gum makes a loud noise and so does the person’s mouth. It drives me absolutely crazy. The way most people smack their gum with their jaws wide open makes me feel as though they’re in pain which causes me to cringe. If everyone in this world chewed their gum quietly with their mouths closed, I wouldn’t have to stand as far away from people smacking their gum which would help me get to know more people. For now however, I just have to walk away from people smacking their gum and calm myself

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