Smoking Is Dangerous For Everyone

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According to Elizabeth Keyishian, Author of Everything you Need to Know About Smoking writes that “Smoking is dangerous for everybody, but there are special health risk for women. Lung cancer has replaced breast cancer as the leading killer disease for women.”(Keyishian). Remember the warning label on the cigarette passage states that, “‘Smoking by pregnant women may result in fetal injury, premature birth, and low birth weight.’”(Keyishian). Smoking may not seem like a big deal yet, but once a girl or woman starts to smoke it will be difficult to quit. When a female becomes a mother, she may still be smoking and unable to stop, causing harm to the baby. Ob-gyn Robert Welch, who is on the committee of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Providence Hospital in Southfield Michigan, has helped thousands of women realize their dreams of a healthy baby. He states that “‘Smoking cigarettes is probably the number one cause of adverse outcomes for babies’”(Woolston). He has seen the complications many times with the same outcome every time. Babies are born prematurely, born to small, or die before they can be born at all.
Smoking while pregnant not only affects the mother, but the infant as well. The baby’s health will be affected before, during, and after the child is born. “The nicotine, carbon monoxide, and numerous other poisons”(WebMD) the mother would inhale from a cigarette are”...carried through her bloodstream and goes directly to the baby”(WebMD) which causes

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