So, You Want You Have Your Book Published?

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So, you want to have your book published? Everyone has a potential book (or two) in them!. To be an accomplished writer and create a bestseller, it is necessary to write the best story you can, for the genre you 're writing in, whilst remaining professional in every other way. Successful writers work hard and never give up. It is a continual climb too, success isn’t guaranteed long term. There are the odd lucky ones, who despite the odds will succeed with their first attempt without having to try really hard. However, this is rare and can be compared to winning the lottery. The rest of us have to work at it. For most, writing doesn 't come easy, and one can still be regarded as a novice after a few years. It can take 5-10 years to get your first book published. It took me a year and I approached 12 publishers with a manuscript in 1984 before getting my first contract. The comments I received as I progressed through the Editors made me realize that they were all looking for a product that would sell and had no time to look at my manuscript to consider if what I had produced would be worth their effort. Remember, the 80s was one of the busiest periods of book publishing in Australia. Every publishing house employed several editors to look through manuscripts. Being a designer, I set about creating a finished book that would appeal to the publisher more than a typed manuscript (yes, we only had typewriters in the 80s). The draft was filled with images and the story was
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